3 Things To Realize About Auto Body Repair

If you have auto body damage to your vehicle, here are three things you need to realize about the auto body repair process.

#1 Get A Detailed Quote

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you get a detailed quote on the auto body damage. Auto body shops are used to working with insurance companies on wrecked vehicles, so they are used to providing very detailed quotes that break down exactly the work they will do and the steps that they will need to go through in order to fix your vehicle.

The quote should break down exactly what type of work they will do, how long each type of work will take and the equipment required for each step of the process. Auto body quotes are generally a lot more detailed than what you are used to getting with auto repair quotes. There should be no hidden costs in the process or surprises.

#2 Discuss Your Options

When you get the detailed quote, go over the entire quote with the mechanic. Discuss the different options and ways that the mechanic can fix your vehicle; you may be able to reduce the costs by making different repair choices.

There are more than one school of thought on repairs, so be sure to discuss your different repair options with your mechanic. There may very well be a different way for you to fix your vehicle that can save you so money, so don't be afraid to ask about different options if the overall cost and time to fix your vehicle as proposed by the auto body shop does not fit with your budget.

#3 Plan For Transportation

Finally, make sure that you plan for alternative transportation. Auto body repair is not a fast process. There is a lot of wait time involved while different steps cure and dry and the right parts are obtained. Expect it to take a least a week for repairs to be completed on your vehicle if it is something simple, and a few weeks if your vehicle needs large repairs. Your auto body shop should be able to give you a rough estimate of how long it will take to get your vehicle back.

Some auto body shops will rent you out a loaner for free or at a reduced cost. Otherwise, you'll need to go through a car rental agency to secure a vehicle to use while your car gets fixed. If your car was damaged in an accident, and you have rental car coverage, your insurance may cover the costs of your rental.