Four Steps To Using A Vehicle Transport Service To Expand Your Used Car Search

Are you looking for the perfect used vehicle? You might not realize it, but a vehicle shipping service may end up helping you into your dream car. In the past, purchasing a vehicle sight unseen from the other side of the country would be unheard of, but in the modern age, it is a perfectly viable option. This can be an especially attractive path to take if the car you are looking for is rare or if there is a particular combination of options that you just have to have. Read on to learn how to approach the long-distance car buying process and ultimately use a transport service to get your new car delivered right to your driveway.

Step 1. Use Online Classifieds to Expand Your Search

Start by ditching the local ads and moving online. Online car classified services such as Autotrader and CarGurus will let you conduct your search without being tied down to a particular geographic area. Of course, if the base model of car that you're looking for is at all common, then you can expect to find thousands of results in a nationwide search. To keep things manageable, be sure to make heavy use of filters so that you're only viewing the specific cars you want. For rare vehicles, the list shouldn't be too large for even a nationwide search.

Online enthusiast forums are another great place to look if you have a specific car in mind. Most forums will have a classified section where users can list their cars for sale. Often this is a great way to find a well-cared-for vehicle, as anyone who takes the time to participate in an online community about their car is probably pretty attached to it.

Step 2. Have an Inspection Done

You're going to be buying this car without ever seeing it, so it is particularly important to be sure that it's worth the price the seller is asking for. Car inspection services have become a huge industry over the last few decades, and you should have several options wherever you decide to look. Be sure to read reviews and consider calling the company to ask any questions you might have before scheduling your inspection. A good inspection should provide you with a report that includes many pictures as well as details of the car's mechanical and cosmetic condition. An inspection performed by a skilled, trained inspector is often better than seeing the car yourself.

Step 3. Arrange Payment

This is usually the trickiest part. If buying from a dealership, you will usually be able to work out something that both parties find acceptable. Private sellers can be more difficult, but online escrow services exist that can make this process less difficult. Before exchanging money, however, be sure that the seller can prove that they are the actual owner of the car and that the car is in their possession. Asking for specific photos of the car is one option, but always be on the lookout for anything that seems suspicious. Cars are not small purchases, so it is important to remain cautious.

Step 4. Hire a Vehicle Transport Service

If you've made it this far: congratulations! You've purchased your dream ride, and the only thing that's left to do is have it delivered to you. Vehicle transport services are the magic that makes this whole process possible, and it's time to choose one. There are numerous services that are available for shipping from just about anywhere in the country to anywhere else, so take some time to shop around for the best option. Rates and schedules are likely to vary between services.

This is a very large investment that you are about to have shipped across the country, so it is best to talk to a representation of the transport service on the phone if possible. Use online quotes to get an idea of rates, but be sure to call the company up to answer any questions you might have. What types of trucks do they use? What kind of training and experience do their drivers have? How common are delays? What do the pick-up and drop-off processes look like? You should be as comfortable as possible before scheduling your pick-up.

Once you've arranged for transport, there's nothing left to do. Sit back and enjoy having your perfect car delivered right to your house!